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Class in Copenhagen, August, 2004 with Sol Petersen

You are invited to a rare opportunity to deepen your own Tai Ji practice or to get an introduction to the art of Tai Ji with Sol Petersen from New Zealand, an inspiring and innovative teacher of Tai Ji and healing work. Explore Tai Ji, healing and embodiment as methods for developing our capacity to realise the radiant energy of our own body.

We will explore the relationship between Tai Ji and self-healing through:

Embodying alignment and Intrinsic Movement
* concepts of body structure, alignment and movement will be introduced and applied to Tai Ji.

Tai Ji for advanced students
* personal supervision of your form and exercises with an emphasis on a clear understanding of your own structure and movement restrictions as you practice, ways to release these and an exploration. Pushing hands instructions as taught by Huang Sheng-Shyan.

Tai Ji for beginners
* loosening exercises and basic forms plus an introduction to the Tai Ji form of listening to the body pushing hands.

The language of healing touch
* exploring light and deep touch to release body holding patterns and the use of touch techniques for working on yourself.

Join us for an evening class with Sol on Friday, August 20 from 17:00 to 20:00 pm

Sol Petersen has been studying and teaching Tai Ji for over 25 years with Masters Mak Ying Po and Huang Sheng-Shyan. Sol’s grandfather is from Copenhagen, and teaching here from 1980 to 1985, he has been part of firmly establishing the yang style. Sol has been teaching Structural Integration for over 17 years and has developed his own approach, which he teaches in Europe and NZ. He is a graduate of the Hakomi Experiential Psychology training and an Aston Movement Coach. He lives in New Zealand.

Place:Fine weather – Kongens Have in the corner of Gothersgade and Rosenborg Slot
Bad weather – Studenterhuset, Kbmagergade 52, the red room at 1st floor

Friday, August 20 from 17:00 to 20:00 pm

DKr 200,- (Payment: at the door)


Jesper Sjlund
Email: jesper@insult.dk
Phone: 29 25 99 06

Af Thomas Dyhr

Thomas Dyhr - cand.jur. fra Københavns Universitet 2003 Filosof af natur.. Interesser: politik, skak, qigong, nei kung, tai chi, yi chuan, xin yi, daitoryu aikijujutsu, da chen chuan, litteratur, poesi